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12 Best Business Ideas that you can Start from Home.

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Table of Contents

Are you searching for ideas to start a business from home and with minimum capital and effort? We have listed below few ideas which can help with that. You can select the concept in your area of expertise and passion. It will help if you analyze the demand for your product or service now and for the near future. And if you are working in any company and want to start this business as a side hustle, that’s also possible provided you manage your time efficiently. 

Online Teaching Business 

Online Teaching image

Suppose you have knowledge and expertise in any work area like programming, consulting, music/entertainment, fitness/yoga, career development, proficiency in any language, graphic design, etc. Then you can start an online teaching business by teaching these skillsets to your audience. Also, build your courses and sell them online. Initially, you can start with just tools like zoom later, and you can later build your website for this. 

Online Bookkeeping Business


Many small businesses need help with their accounting as they don’t have the time and knowledge to manage them. If you have experience in accounting and taxation, you can start a business of online bookkeeping. With little effort, you will have a hand full of customers within six months. All you need here is a computer and one or two accounting software, and you can start your business. 

Freelance Copywriting Business

content writing services

If you have a passion for writing, freelance copywriting is the ideal business for you. Many websites provide freelance copywriting work like Upwork, Fiverr, Contently, etc. You can quickly scale this business if you have a chain of writers who can help you produce quality content. You can also tie-up with different agencies that design and develop websites. They can outsource work to you regularly. 

Language Translation Business 

language translation services

If you have expertise in English and any other most popular languages like Spanish, French, German, etc., you can provide language translation services. There is high demand for this service as many companies are expanding their content globally. You can also get a lot of work on language translation from freelance websites. 

Online Real Estate Business 

realestate business

As you know, there will be a handsome commission for any real estate sale. If you are interested in real estate, you can contact local real estate developers and get details about their projects. List these projects on different real estate websites like makaan, 99acers, etc. Parallelly you can market these projects on social media sites as well. Follow up with home buyers, and on successful sales, you can get a good commission.

Dropshipping Business 

dropshipping business

If you like eCommerce, then the dropshipping business is a good choice for you. In dropshipping, you can build an eCommerce website but will not stock the products. When there is a sale of a product on your website, the order is passed to third-party websites ( dropshipping suppliers like amazon etc.). The order is shipped to the customers directly without your intervention. There are many platforms like Shopify, big commerce, etc, which can be used for dropshipping websites. 

Custom design Tshirts Business

Tshirt Design Business

If you like designing, then you can choose to design and print T-shirts. You would need simple printing tools for this using which you can print custom designs on T-shirts to sell them locally and online. You can start a T-shirt business from your home initially and later scale it up. Once you have many customers, you can also plan for an eCommerce website where your clients can order custom designs for T-shirts online. 

Powerpoint Design Business

powerpoint design services

PowerPoint designs are fundamental for most businesses as they need them for company profiles, presentations, sales figures, etc. If you have a computer and know the basics of image editing, you can do the PowerPoint design business. Many websites outsource PowerPoint design work like Upwork, Fiverr, and entirely PowerPoint only design work website Knowmoreplatform has excellent hourly rates, and they have excellent clientele. If you can provide good quality work, you can get regular work from them and business a successful business from home. 

Online Bakery Business

If you love cooking baked items, then the Online bakery business will suit you. Prepare baked items, list them on a simple eCommerce website using Wix or Shopify, then deliver bakery items to customer locations. You can use different delivery partners for delivery and manage this business from home. You would need small capital for this to arrange materials required for baked items. It has a good ROI; within few days, you can see sizable income from this. 

Craft Business

If you are creative and love crafts, then this business is for you. You can make and sell crafts in local shops and online portals like Etsy. Initially, you can depend on these third-party websites but if you want to pursue craft business in a big way, have your website. You can also hire some homemakers who have good craft skills to help you make more innovative products. This crafts business might need some initial capital, but ROI is excellent. 

Pet Sitting Business 

pet sitting

If you love pets, have the patience to manage them, then you can start a pet sitting business. Due to busy work schedules, many people need help with walking their dogs and taking care of them when they are away. You don’t have to invest anything here; if you love pets and manage them well, then this is a good suit for you. 

Start A New Blog 

Start A Blog

If you like writing about particular topics, you can choose full-time blogging as a new business choice. Select a niche subject, try to cover as much content as possible on this subject on your blog. Once you see an increase in traffic, you can monetize your website with Adsense and affiliate marketing techniques. But write quality content as there are too many junk blogs online. All you need to start this website is a computer, domain name, hosting, and a simple blog. 

Things to consider before starting any business. 

  1. Prepare a business plan; if required, take help from experienced entrepreneurs. 
  2. Plan your capital investment and expected ROI with time. 
  3. Don’t copy other’s business ideas, do what you love and follow your passion. 
  4. Understand accounting, taxation, and compliance of the business you are trying to enter. 
  5. Be patient, as building a business is like growing a tree; it takes time. 
  6. Take calculated risks. 
  7. Don’t absorb losses long time only because you like a business idea, be practical and try something else. 
  8. Plan your exit before entry; this will help you a great deal. 

Conclusion: There are many business ideas out there that you can explore to start, but remember growing a business takes a lot of time, so be patient. Manage a balance between life and business; work hard success will follow.

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